Sunday, May 1, 2011

New stuff.

Well, I surely didn't keep the 2006 Ranger that long. The 1996 Ranger, AKA the Gutless Wonder was QUIETER on the road and rode better than the newer one. I now have a Ford F150. It's a 2009 XL 4X4. It had only 6000 miles when I got it from Stokes Trainor. $16,900. It's like new.

I am so glad I have Mickey, the Siberian Husky from Chapin Burgess' rescue. I have made him an inside dog and he has done so well. And Jolene is happier and has learned from him. He's Wolf Gray and White with blue eyes. At least he is not wide open as he was when found in Savannah as a stray.

He's a working line Siberian, and if you show him a racing harness he goes wild. Now, over Christmas, we also taught Jolene to race. They were both in a team who brought Santa into town.

If gas gets to be $6.00 a gallon ..... HMMMMM !

More later!

A VIOLENT Spring in the South

We had some tornado activity here in SC and in Newberry County, and ONE started right here. It was beginning circulation that I was surrounded in. I was on the phone to the weather bureau and said the wind was whipping around. I decided to look and go onto the little porch I have and I was in the middle of a very week circulation with shredded rain circling the house at a about 40 MPH. I should have said I was in the middle of beginning circulation. THIS MICRO-NADO went out into the woods and made an EF0 or EF1 on Spearman road.

The NC outbreak was somewhat a replay of the March 28,1984 series of tornadoes called "The Carolinas Outbreak, that started a few miles west of my place, tore up Newberry and ended many hours later in the North Carolina Coastal plain. The next system was forced up more NorthEast into eastern NC and coastal Virginia. It also had a high risk forecast.

The system that tore up MS, AL, TN,GA and NC also had a high risk with PDS warnings and statements. With a strong EF5 tornado bearing down, the only safe place is underground or NOT THERE in the path.

I have all of those people in my thoughts and prayers!

The bad thing is we are just now going into May, often a very bad tornado month!