Tuesday, December 25, 2007

NOT a White Christmas here!

Cloudy, and low 50's. The rain in Georgia is marching this way. As of 8 PM there has been a light shower in the area a few hours ago. At least we have had 3 inches of rain so far this month. We won't make up the remaining 20 inches below normal, or at least I hope NOT at once. One of our recent rains was 2 inches, and it all soaked in. Then we had few very cold mornings with one morning in the upper teens.
For Christmas I have a little 4 legged visitor. Snoopy, a white with some reddish tan markings is a foster from the Newberry County Animal Control and Care. All of the other little dogs got fostered out for the holidays. I took him with me. He's listied as a Chihuahua mix, but naaaaah! It's more like Jack Russell Terror , I mean Terrier. He's a pretty good boy, but he needs to learns some manners. He learned SIT immediately. but he needs to learn other things. He's sleeping with Jolene. She accepts him, but she will NOT play in the house. He does. DOES HE EVER! But they both go a mile in the morning, and when I had more time to spare away from the radio station we've done 2 miles. He goes back Thursday or tomorrow if they are open. I worry about Jolene missing him.

I got a big surprise from the radio station. I got a nice bonus check in my regular paycheck. The nearly 30 years at Bellsouth they never gave us anything, and neither much at my other part time places. Yes, I am very grateful.

I am glad that Christmas is over at the radio station. Christmas music can get tiring over time. Well, there is next year.

See you all in a later chat.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

80 Degrees in December ?

We've had a bit of rain a week or so ago. Enough that water is flowing very slowly in Sandy Run Creek. It had been dry for months. Trees were ablaze with color, but not have faded to bare limbs except for the Willow Oak in my yard. The leaves are mostly brown with some yellow, and they are falling like snow. Right now we are in a spell of record breaking high temperatures. They have been hovering around 80 degrees. One more day of that, and by the weekend we will be below normal again. On my walks with Jolene the GSD / Sheltie mix, you can tell it's winter. It's that "winter" smell. And the last few days you can smell the sap from the evergreen trees. It's beginning to smell a bit like Christmas.
We might even get some rain toward the end of the week. The chance is not great, but we need it. It seems we will end up 2007 well over 20 inches below normal in rainfall, and the bad part is, the latter part of 2006 was also dry.
Well, there's not much new out this way.