Friday, December 23, 2011

It's ALMOST Christmas

This year it is much warmer and there will not be snow and a White Christmas as we had last year.

This morning Carol Murray played The Singing Dogs doing Jingle Bells. Mickey, my silly sibe was asleep on the sofa on his dog bed. He got up, walked over to the radio on the mantle and howled along for the entire song.

Jolene, my heart dog has really learned a lot from him. He so outgoing and loving and she now will sit on the sofa with me and I can rub her paws.

Not much going on. I am going to get a cart or 2 wheeled something so they can learn to pull me. Mickey has done sled dog racing, and I would have loaned him out to be able to race in Alaska, but Jolene would have to have been part of the team. The lady that has Chapin Burgess' Kenai would not take his "Bear" who looks like Jolene so that means Mickey stays home.

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