Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Here we are!

I decided to do a bit of an online blog after I started this month to do a "Pen Blog". Yes, writing on paper with a fountain pen. So my friend Larry Kollar said I should do one here. What about the name. Alpha Martha is the name of the small, narrow dirt road I live at the end of....somewhere about 5 miles north and west of the small community of Silverstreet in rural Newberry County, South Carolina. It's very quiet there, as I am the only full time inhabitant other than deer, coyote, skunks, rabbitts and fire ants.
I was looking for a new place, and with the help of my real estate agent, we found this place. We had looked as far east as Cassatt, SC and when we found this place, I knew this was it. I had wanted to move to rural New Mexico where my friend Stuart Norman lives, but I ended up some $20,000 short. Yeah, $20,000 for the solar array I would need as most of the land I looked out there does not have close access to main power. I may eventually buy some land out there after I retire for good....again. I think I have worked and retired from radio more times than Art Bell has.
I have an acre and a 1680 square foot double wide so calle mobile home with 4 bedrooms. White vinyl siding. I have a radio building out back for my ham radio stuff. I don't live alone, Jolene, my German Shepherd / Sheltie mix is there too. She is a Pets INC alumnus. She was abused and then thrown out into the woods near Alcolu, SC. She has her own Dogster page. When I first moved in she had some separation anxiety, so I took her everywhere, and to the radio station every day. She is fine now, and listens to the radio station every day. She knows everyone here, so she gets to listen to us while snoozing on HER sofa.
Every morning we go for a mile walk, and the same in the evening. It does us good, and especially me. The first time the mile nearly killed me, but now if I hurry we can do it in 15 minutes. It usually takes longer than that as Jolene loves to track and she gets to......when I let her.


FARfetched said...

He lives!

Remind me to walk you through adding new page elements, so-called. It'll give you a place to put Jolene's Dogster link & the streamer for the radio station, for example.

$20K for a solar array? I'd have figured 1/3 of that, tops. You wouldn't have air conditioning, but from what you were saying about that part of NM, you wouldn't need it much anyway. Would wind have been a better choice than solar?

The Radio God said...


Way to go, nice to see you enter into the "digital computer" age even more with a blog!

Powell said...

Out in Candy Kitchen you could do solar and wind. I could get by with a junky patchwork, but do it right the first time and it will pay itself back over time. Even out here I could do some solar. Out at Candy Kitchen at 7600 feet you don't need AC but winters can be brutal.