Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This afternoon

Just a short note this afternoon. Something MUST be wrong. It is raining. It has been exceptionally dry here in the southeast. Right here we are 15 inches below normal. Some of the small Pine trees have died. The Sweetgum trees have started shedding leaves and turning color. Down on Sandy Run Creek road, Mechanics Creek has water in it, though it is flowing very slowly. Sandy Run Creek has dried up and the creekbed is dry to the bone. The weather forecast is the most encouraging I have seen in months. But the deficit can't even be made up with a tropical system. Maybe a few of them can help, but even a tropical depression brings the threats of tornadoes.
On tonight's walk with Jolene we had to hurry up. I saw the rain coming and she did her business, and back home we headed. The rain caught up to us as we headed back down Alpha Martha. At least there are a lot of trees and it did not rain very hard.
Right now, I think I will get ready for bed early. I'm getting up this week at 6:30 AM. WKDK is doing live remotes downtown, so I get to be back at the main studio. The remote broacasts are being done as we have our big OKTOBERFEST in historic downtown Newberry on Saturday. I guess that's great to have the event on my birthday.
Jolene is now eating. Of course I as the Alpha Pack leader eats first, and the she gets hers.

More tomorrow!

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