Tuesday, January 8, 2008

In to the new year we go

Well the new year has come. 2007 ended on a wet note, but we need well above normal precipitation for some time to work on this drought. Had some more rain, and the coldest temperatures of the winter season. Here on Alpha Martha the low one morning was 13. We are now in another warm spell. The middle part of the country has had this warm weather, but with a large tornado outbreak. Tornadoes in January in Illinois is execptionally unusual. The system that is spawning this outbreak is tempering and that is a good thing.

I am going to be a cooperative weather observer for the National Weather Service. They will be installing stuff on Friday. I have always been a weather watcher. I took and passed the NWS Advanced Skywarn class. Steve Naglic at the NWS office said I could teach the course.

I took Snoppy the so called Chihuahua mix back. There is more Terrier in him than anything. I figured he's mostly Rat Terrier. I saw an article on them in Dog Fancy. Yep, one of the dogs in the picture is his spitting image. Jolene was not unhappy that he went back. IF he had been housetrained, and IF Jolene would have played with him inside, I might have considered him. Rat Terriers can be difficult to housebreak. Also I have to leave Jolene's food out at night for her. Snoopy would eat on her food also, and then left me little "presents".
I am now also writing letters. In the Yahoo FPC (Fountain Pen Collecting) there is also a writing list. I hope my writing gets better as time goes on. IF I have fountain pens, I need to actually use them. I hope it will make my writing better. It's too easy on a computer. The hard choice is what pen and ink when you put ink to paper.

Sunday I got my brother to assist me in getting rid of some of the small trees that clog up parts of my yard. I especially wanted to get the jumble out of and around my 2 Sugar Maples. Note: raw Sugar Maple sap tastes like very watered down sugar water.


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FARfetched said...

I had some friends in high school who had a rat terrier. She was a sweet little thing, not very yappy either.

It started raining last night about the time I went to bed, and it was gone this morning. I seriously considered taking the Virago today but needed to get in sooner so I could get some lunch going in the crockpot.