Sunday, November 9, 2008

Into mid fall

I had thought the leaves on the trees would be a repeat of last year. PFFFT went the leaves on the Winged Elms last year. This year, with a bit more rain, they have turned a bright yellow. The couple of below freezing mornings aided to the color change, but some large Oak trees were still green and these trees are just going to drop brown leaves. Now those trees, luckily are in the minority. I have 2 Sugar Maple trees. My brother and I cleaned out around them. Well the one in the back is beatiful, however it's NOW in the open. I may cut down the 2 pine trees nearby. They both have rather damaged trunks, and will clean out that space even better. In the front yard, that Sugar Maple is crowded by a couple of Winged Elms. And it needed to be watered, and really didn't get a lot of it, so it's not as pretty. The one in back is a vivid yellow, while the one in front wants to be orange. As I walk down Alpha Martha with Jolene, the colors are maximum. Sweet Gum trees have vivid colors ranging from bright yellow to a deep purple. Some of these Sweet Gum trees have the entire range of spectrum. As we turn down Sandy Run Creek road on the way down the hill to Mechanics Creek, the Red Maples are blazing red. Some of the other Oak trees also are a deep red. The granddaddy Sugar Maple in the basin of Mechanics Creek is a blazing orange. I would love to have that tree on my land. It has to be 60 feet tall. I bet you could get a lot of sap to make Maple Syrup. Down in the basin there are quite a few smaller Sugar Maples. I may get down there and get me a small one to transplant
Now, the trees actually, once we get a rain and another freeze will start dropping leaves and we shall head toward winter. But for now, it's a blaze of color. And the smell of fallen leaves is in the air. Walking the mile down and back to Mechanics Creek with Jolene is great. It's the most beautiful time of the year. The fall flowers are blooming also. Jolene is getting her winter coat in. Yes, the summer coat keeps showing up on the living room carpet. That's what the vacuum is for. Jolene, is my rescue, and is a German Shepherd / Sheltie mix. She's currently curled up on "her sofa" .
Speaking of her, I may get my friend who has the Husky rescue to make me a cart. He makes racing (sled dog) equipment. I think she would do well. I found out she can drag me if she really wants to, and she loves to RUN RUN RUN !!!! She does get to go to the radio station with me when I have to work evenings for ball games and I get to leave a bit early to come home and pick her up. She curls up in the control room with me.

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FARfetched said...

We got some decent color on Planet Georgia this year. If you've already been there, I just added a pic I took this morning…