Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a difference a week makes!

In the previous blog post, I mentioned the beauty of the fall. Well this past weekend the leaves were falling like snow. And then now we had 20 degrees this morning, and a forecast of another hard freeze this coming weekend will likely take all the leaves from the trees.

November 18 was Jolene's 3rd birthday. I got a cheap piece of meat, and cooked it. It was large enough for both of us, and she got fed each piece by hand, and she had to sit, stay and wait for each one.

This morning I was awake as the sun was coming up and tuned in to WKDK, and Jimmy said it was 21, and was 20 JUST as the sun came up. That is generally when the low occurs. I ran and checked mine and had 21 degrees out here. The high struggled to 49, but it wasn't so blustery as Tuesday when we had winds to 25 miles per hour, and that made the 47 degrees seem much colder. Of course Mount Mitchell, NC had a 4 degree low this morning and yesterday struggled to get into the teens. BRRRR!

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FARfetched said...

Got into the low 20s here too. Much nicer today though.