Sunday, October 25, 2009

OOPS....I've been away too long.....

Well it has been quite some time since I a short update. It's fall and the colors appear they are NOT going to be as vivid as last year. The stunning Sugar Maple down in the Mechanics Creek bed is turning color mostly but a lot if the leaves have dropped. My 2 Sugar Maples are just hinting, and the Winged Elms are dropping leaves and certainly won't be as pretty as last year. A couple weeks ago my 1996 Ranger was retired in favor of a 2006. This one has 50,000 miles and is almost like new. It has the 3 liter V-6 and automatic. It has an aftermarket Kenwood radio, and it was a suprize as the AM part is actually better than the stock radio. On a trip to Camden, SC I got 25 MPG which is better than the older truck did and it was a 4 cylinder. I do another post shortly.

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