Monday, November 2, 2009

Sliding into Fall

It is November now, and we are back on Eastern Standard Time. The Sugar Maple trees have finally changed color, and right abruptly I might add. My small Sugar Maple in the front yard is a pinkish red. The larger tree in the back yard has become bright yellow. The large Sugar Maple in the Mechanics Creek bed turned orange, but the tree also dropped a lot of the leaves. The Winged Elms are dropping leaves and turning a rather pale washed out yellow, then to brown and on the ground!
It's been quite wet and rainy, though the rainfall totals have not been substantial this time. At least the forecast for now gives us cooler than normal and dry until next week. That will give the standing water and boggy yard time to dry out and the water to soak down into the ground.
Jolene goes to the vet in the morning to see why she has bloodshot eyes. It might be "Pink Eye" but she shows no symptoms other than looking like she's a drunk. And she now has a kitty. It was my neighbor, John's kitten, but he fed him outside, but when he wasn't home he got food if I fed him. John calls him "AC" but I think ACE is a better name. He's an orange tabby with no black pigments.... pink nose and pads. This boy is wide open and plays VERY rough with Jolene which SHE likes. She plays rough back, but never hurts him. I am afraid Ace will try to attack a Coyote, thinking it's a dog. That is not good. Ace is going to be a rather large cat, and he is loving. You can hear him purr in the next county. I bought him a nice cat bed and he didn't want to get in it until I placed him in it on his back. THEN it clicked. So he does like it.

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