Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday dearest Jolene

found you at Pets INC where I volunteered when you were about 4 months old. You had come there as a mortified and abused pup from another rescue who had no room. They put you in the cat room for awhile. You were mortified of men, but that didn't stop me. I cornered you and took you for long walks. You became social to *ME*.... and when I moved they were going to give you to me. I paid full fee. They told me, that though they generally a no kill, she was unadoptable and her mental state would have eventually gotten so bad that euthanizing you would have been merciful. I took you to the woods of Silverstreet, and decided you had to be an inside dog. I also decided we had to walk at least a mile a day, and the first time I tried this, I thought on that long uphill back that, honestly, I wasn't going to make it back. Now it's a snap. I took you everywhere I went, and EVERY man I met had to pet you, even if I had to pick you up. I took you to all the events at Full Moon Farm, and socializing with all the people and canines there has done wonders for you. And you sure do like the big boys up there. and there's a couple that adore you.
You are quietly lying under the table where I type this.

It kills me that you are skitty of me in the house, and won't come in my bedroom and sleep there. You prefer your own dog pillow bed, your fluffy dog bed, or YOUR sofa ( was my sofa.......

Yes, dear girl, we ARE going for a walk after I eat my grits!

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