Monday, November 2, 2009

TOO Many Losses on "The Mountain"

As a few of you may know, I volunteer at Full Moon Farm, a rescue for Wolves and Wolfdogs. This has been a year of too many losses. This will be hard to write Delaware one of my heart canines died, from cancer that was not found during his bloat surgery. I have my memorial Delaware coffee cup as well as my Pete one. Pete was another heart dog. Nancy Brown who runs and owns Full Moon Farm says I am a mixture of Pete and Delaware.... a talkative, cranky old man. I guess she is right. I can't drink out of either cup. The coffee for some reason gets too salty. I'm not putting salt in my coffee.....
Pete died a few years ago. Annie, Nancy's first rescue finally died from her mamary tumors. I could give her treats, and she would make funny "squeally" noises of joy, take them from me and store them in her dog house. I never got to pet her. And then recently Zodiac finally went. The last Howl In he looked so old. He was overweight from his thyroid condition, and last Christmas was his last. I thought he was going to drop dead on me. He was around 10, and for the mix he came from that was good, especially being that out of that rescue some died of starvation and Zodiac weighed a breath of what he should have.
Nancy has a new outreach animal and his name is River. Jolene adores him. She also REALLY adores Lobo. I can let River take treats out of my mouth like Zodiac would.
Well that's all right now. Just this much has bummed me out rather badly!

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FARfetched said...

Always sad to lose a friend, two- or four-legged.

Sometimes I wonder how the four survivors of Crissy's litter are faring. Even Batty, the blind girl, got a new home that day… just a few minutes short of when we were going to pack it in.

Sprite & Aries are doing well but miss their mom (aka Daughter Dearest). She comes home when she can, about every other weekend. Her roomies all bail for home on Thurs. night so when she stays on campus she's there by herself.

Next time you're down here, I'll hook you up with the local rescue folks aka Rainbow Nation.