Friday, November 13, 2015

November 2015 ramblings

Haven't posted in a long time. I hate posting this.....Jolene died in June of 2014 from complications of Cushings Disease. She was being treated and her kidneys failed. I miss her to this day. Stephanie Bilger rescued a black GSD mixed with a tad of heeler. Molly is an older female that had been in rural Saluda county, and lived outside with virtually no shelter and fed only rarely. She gets to live inside and I thought she would bond with Mickey who was missing his Jolene. NO....Molly bonded to ME. She tolerates and BOSSES ( a good thing) Mickey. Gallman, the black Lab / Border Collie mix I got from the shelter decided he would rather be inside than the outside pen. He, when he needs to go out in the AM or PM, has a special bark. My friend Kevin Redding says his bark is like an old Chrysler car with a weak battery trying to start. Yep.....that's stuck in my head. 

     October and the start of November has been really wet. Leaves this fall have been not nearly as pretty as the NC mountains. 

     As I get closer to 70 (October 2016) I feel myself getting feeble.  I guess it is due to the scar tissue from repeated bronchitis events. Though I have not had one in sometime, the damage is there, and asthma has returned.  I guess I am not going to be a sled dog racer in Alaska now. Mickey is 10 and he would not have the stamina to race with JJay Levy. In 2011 I told her he would win races for her. In November 2013 he got to race with her Alaskan race dogs in a demo and he showed them up. Jolene was busy flirting with the biggest dog she could find.  

    Well that's all for now. 

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Larry Kollar said...

Yay, you're alive! I emailed you a few weeks ago to see if you were OK after that massive rain event & never heard back. Seems like I remember you're in a low spot & I had a mental image of you and your pups paddling your house up the road.

Sorry to hear about Jolene, but it sounds like your other dogs are doing OK. Sprite is on the decline now, he's no longer a fat cat but his appetite has improved in the last few days. Julia thinks he might make it to New Years. He still loves his cuddles, so I'll make sure he gets all he wants.

We have a couple of Boston Terribles in the house now (definitely not my idea). One is nominally Mason's, the other belongs to Julia's fiancee (oh hey, I might have forgotten to mention she's getting married next May, you should come if you're up to it).

Shoot me an email so I know what you're using these days. I'll try to catch you up on stuff.